To reflect God's infinite worth through Christ, for the glory of His name and the good of all peoples.

Eugene Oludhe

Eugene had a desire to do ministry in 2017, so he started preaching in 2018 and has been preaching ever since. Eugene has been involved in different ministry capacities where he served in preaching at the prison, homeless, and kids ministry. Eugene was born in Nairobi, Kenya, and was raised in the Boothwyn-West Chester, Pennsylvania area. He graduated from the Chicago Course on Preaching in Chicago. And now he is enrolled at Reformed Theological Seminary. 

Eugene loves sports, especially soccer and basketball. He also loves movies and he is a big fan of Marvel, Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and any musical film. Eugene is with Emily who loves hiking, nature, animals, and movies as well. Eugene and Emily met at Christ Church West Chester during Eugene’s pastoral internship program in 2021. They both enjoy spending lots of time together and reading books. But both of them have a strong passionate desire for missions, discipleship, and to see the Gospel transforms many lives.