We highly value community at Bethel . . . so much, in fact, that it’s one of our three core values. In short, “gospel community” is what should happen when people reconciled to God get together and get to know each other. When we are restored to peaceful, loving relationship with God through the gospel of Jesus, it leads us to want to live in peaceful, loving relationships with others.

These renewed relationships with other Christians are not some optional perk to the Christian life. They are essential! We need others as we seek to walk by faith in a world filled with sin, temptations, and trials.

Bethel Community Groups are the primary places where we cultivate gospel community. Twice a month, we gather in homes throughout Wilmington and northern Delaware in order to deepen this kind of gospel-shaped community.

Our community groups are intended to . . .

  • Be safe places where people can connect relationally with one another, bear one another’s burdens (Galatians 6:2), and fulfill the numerous “one anothers” of Scripture (e.g., Romans 12:10; Hebrews 3:12-13; etc.)
  • Help stimulate deep Christian friendships and commitment to each other
  • Develop accountability relationships where believers help each other grow in wisdom and Christlike character
  • Provide a context where Christians can discuss the application of God’s Word to daily life
  • Open up opportunities for Christians to use their gifts and abilities to serve others
  • Cultivate a prayerful dependence on God to meet all our needs
  • Provide an avenue for outreach, knowing some people might sooner accept an invitation to a home than they would to a church

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