Sunday School classes for all ages meet at 9 AM every week from September through June. To learn more about the classes for kids and students, check out our Bethel Kids and Bethel Students pages. For adults (high school graduates and older), we offer three class options each semester (Sept-Dec, Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun) as part of a four-year Discipleship Curriculum. We want to grow as mature discples of Jesus and be equipped to serve Him and others well. So, it’s our goal for adult education to function like a “discipleship school” that helps us toward those ends. The curriculum centers on . . .

  • Knowledge of God – his character, will, and ways – through the Bible and theology
  • Doxology – all truth about God (theology) should lead to worship (doxology)
  • Wisdom & spiritual formation – application of truth to life / conformity to Christ
  • Equipping for life and ministry – we are to do things with what we learn

The Discipleship Curriculum classes for January through March 2020 include Old Testament Overview Part II, Guidance and Will of God / Spiritual Discernment, and Christ-centered Parenting (see the descriptions below for more information).

Old Testament Overview Part II
(LEADing: Russell Brown & Vito DeMaio)

Old Testament Overview Part II is the sequel to the BBC Fall Session survey of the first 17 books of the OT (as ordered in our English Bible). Part II, which builds upon Part I, covers the books of the writing Prophets of ancient Israel and the books of Wisdom and the poetry of Psalms. From the Prophets, we hear the proclamation of God’s perspective and plan for mankind, through the outworking of the history of redemption (his plan of salvation climaxing in the Messiah Jesus Christ). The Prophets urge exclusive allegiance to Yahweh in worship and uncompromised obedience to Yahweh’s demand for justice and righteousness in the community of his people. The Wisdom books construct a holistic worldview that fully integrates life experiences (under the sun), including enigmas of life (unsolved problems), human suffering, righteous paths to success, and marital intimacy. The poetry of the Psalms stirs our emotions and gives words to our faith relationship with Yahweh our God as we face trouble, identify our deepest needs, and find joy and voice it in glad songs of gratitude and peace. As in Part I, we will examine the message, themes, and high points of each OT book within the cultural context of the ancient Near East and with a view to relating the teaching of these books to our lives as New Testament believers in Christ.

Guidance and Will of God / Spiritual Discernment
(LEADing: Al Huss & Tyler Miller)

How can I know God’s plan for my life and how can I live with a confidence that I am discerning and following His leading? There are so many decisions to be made in life, from the life-altering ones (such as marriage and career) to the more mundane daily choices. So how can we have an assurance that we are on the path the Lord intends for us? This class will seek to address these and related questions from a solidly biblical-theological perspective with practical application for our day-to-day walk of faith.

Christ-centered Parenting
(LEADing: Greg & Janet Baumann, David & Joy Corbett, Glenn & Ruth Fedale)

Each day, as you do the very ordinary work of being moms and dads, you are teaching your kids how to live. The work of parenting has always been challenging, but today we face the added pressure of raising our children in a world that barely resembles the one we grew up in. If you are like us, you are well aware of just how ill-equipped you are for the task. . . .

This entire study is based on a simple idea. When Christ is the foundation for your parenting, it enables you to equip your children to navigate even the most complex issues in the culture today. . . .

This study is intended to equip you to face the challenges presented by the culture. As the world around us continues to shift and become more secular, this curriculum will help prepare you and your children to meet these moral and ethical challenges. At times, we will encourage you to talk together about difficult and sensitive issues. Don’t be afraid. Your child will be better equipped to face these things if you are there to shape and guide their thinking.

— Russell Moore and Phillip Bethancourt, Christ-Centered Parenting: Gospel Conversations on Complex Cultural Issues (Nashville, TN: LifeWay Press, 2017), 6-7.

This class will consist of video sessions, group discussion, reading articles, and age-graded information sheets that will guide you according to your children’s ages. Participants will need a copy of Christ-Centered Parenting: Gospel Conversations on Complex Cultural Issues by Russell Moore and Phillip Bethancourt.

Topics to be discussed are:

  • The Foundation – Gospel Framework
  • Human Dignity – Abortion, Racial Reconciliation, End-of-Life Dignity
  • Identity – Christ-centeredness, Gender, Mental Health
  • Sexuality – Purity, Homosexuality, Pornography
  • Relationships – A Picture of Marriage, Marriage and Brokenness, Dating and Singleness
  • Technology – The Good and the Bad, Setting up Boundaries, Social Media