Sunday School classes for all ages meet at 9 AM every week from September through June. To learn more about the classes for kids and students, check out our Bethel Kids and Bethel Students pages. For adults (high school graduates and older), we offer three class options each semester (Sept-Dec, Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun) as part of a four-year Discipleship Curriculum. We want to grow as mature disciples of Jesus and be equipped to serve Him and others well. So, it’s our goal for adult education to function like a “discipleship school” that helps us toward those ends. The curriculum centers on . . .

  • Knowledge of God – his character, will, and ways – through the Bible and theology
  • Doxology – all truth about God (theology) should lead to worship (doxology)
  • Wisdom & spiritual formation – application of truth to life / conformity to Christ
  • Equipping for life and ministry – we are to do things with what we learn

In light of the restrictions due to COVID-19, we are currently considering the possibility of restarting the Discipleship Curriculum this fall, and we will share updates as they’re available.