To reflect God's infinite worth through Christ, for the glory of His name and the good of all peoples.


To reflect God’s infinite worth through Christ, for the glory of His name and the good of all peoples.

We are all little reflectors, giving off the light of what we love. God made us that way, in His image, so that we might brightly reflect His matchless glory. In a perfect world, we would always love God with all our being, radiating our fullness of joy in His glorious excellencies.

But . . . Adam and Eve fell from fulfilling this holy purpose when they bought the lie that God could not be trusted; that He was holding out on them; that there was good to be had outside His will and commands.

And we have all bought that very same lie ever since. We have exchanged the truth about this glorious God for a lie and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator. This dark exchange means that we cease to shine with His light. Our inverted, selfish bent means that we only give off the dim, synthetic glow of the God-substitutes we choose.

Rather than snuffing us out for good, God lovingly sent His Son, Jesus Christ, the light of the world, to dispel the darkness. He took on our flesh and blood and lived the life we have all failed to live. He was victorious where we had failed. He perfectly and radiantly reflected the glory of the Father for this dark world to see. And then He endured the cross, undergoing the judgment our God-belittling darkness deserved. He then rose like the sun on Sunday morning, showing clearly that He had been victorious over sin and the grave.

This is the good news of Jesus’ life and death and resurrection. When a person believes this good news, it’s just like God had said, “Let there be light.” It’s an act of new creation by God’s grace. He shines the light of His truth into our lives and makes us new. We turn from our darkness and sin and we bask in the light of His forgiving and cleansing grace. The lie that God is a not-good, cosmic killjoy is replaced with the truth that God is perfectly good and the greatest treasure of the universe. As the light of these truths fills our lives, we begin to shine again with the light of God’s glory and grace. We, like little reflectors, give off the light of the God we love.

We want to shine brightly with the light of Jesus Christ in New Castle County, for the glory of our great God and the good of our neighbors. We invite you to come and visit, and we hope you catch a glimpse of the glory of our God!

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