New Testament Overview 1

Discipleship Curriculum begins the new year on January 10 at 9am with one virtual class offering which runs for 12 weeks. Prof Al Huss has designed a seminary quality class, yet palatable for all Bethel disciples, entitled New Testament Overview 1. Prof Al describes the class as “a survey of the New Testament in its historical and cultural context in order to gain knowledge of the life and redemptive work of Christ, the establishment of the church, and the teachings concerning the believer’s faith and practice.” Hence, the class covers NT backgrounds, the Gospels, the Book of Acts, and an introduction to the Apostle Paul’s life and ministry. Al leads the teaching team of David Corbett, Pastor Tyler Miller, and Dwight Singer.

We’re hosting this class via Zoom on Sundays at 9 AM, and we plan to finish in time for folks to attend the in-person worship service at 10:30 AM. Each week, please be sure to join the Zoom event from this page and plan to arrive on time or a few minutes early (we’ll open the Zoom meeting by 8:55 AM). To participate in the class this Sunday, use the following information:

  • Click here to join. If you’re asked to input additional information, the Meeting ID is 992 1267 1454, and the Passcode is bbcde.
  • To join the meeting by phone, call 929-436-2866 and follow the prompts. For this method, the Meeting ID is 992 1267 1454, and the Passcode is 740739.
  • If you haven’t used Zoom before, you can go ahead and download the Zoom app here.
  • If you want to join the meeting from your web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox) instead of the Zoom app, click here and enter the information required.
  • If you’d like to make sure you can join the class via Zoom, click here to try joining a test meeting.