Sunday School classes for all ages meet at 9 AM every week from September through June. To learn more about the classes for kids and students, check out our Bethel Kids and Bethel Students pages. For adults (high school graduates and older), we offer three class options each semester (Sept-Dec, Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun) as part of a four-year Discipleship Curriculum. We want to grow as mature discples of Jesus and be equipped to serve Him and others well. So, it’s our goal for adult education to function like a “discipleship school” that helps us toward those ends. The curriculum centers on . . .

  • Knowledge of GOD – his character, will, and ways – through the Bible and theology
  • Doxology – all truth about God (theology) should lead to worship (doxology)
  • Wisdom & spiritual formation – application of truth to life / conformity to Christ
  • Equipping for life and ministry – we are to DO THINGS with what we learn

Currently, the Discipleship Curriculum classes are Communion with God, Marriage, and Old Testament Overview Part 1 (see the descriptions below for more information).

(Teaching: Chris Elliott, Chris McGarvey) – Room 152 (by the kitchen)

Through Christ, we have been reconciled to God, for relationship with God. And yet, we often don’t pursue regular and intimate fellowship with God. We are easily distracted and often feel too busy to commune with God in the Word and prayer. We often relate to God in mechanical or formulaic ways. This class is intended to encourage and equip believers to pursue daily communion with God through the Word and prayer. We aim for the content to be both profound and practical. We are dealing with the infinitely glorious triune God, so we should expect things to get a little deep. But we also need to walk with God in the everyday stuff of life, so we’ll place a premium on the material being accessible and practical.

(Teaching: Greg & Janet Baumann, David & Joy Corbett) – Room 154 (near the Gym & Restrooms)

The apostle John writes in the book of Revelation that all of God’s children will be gathered to a wedding feast, as Jesus takes on His bride, the church. Scripture also tells us that husbands are to love their wives ‘as’ Christ loves the church, and that wives are to submit to their husbands ‘as’ to the Lord. (Eph. 5). The marriage class will explore, through study, discussion, video, exercises/assignments, and required DATE nights what God intends in the sacrament of marriage, and how we may grow, through the Holy Spirit and His teaching us, to be good ambassadors for Him in our marriages. The enemy seeks to attack marriages because he knows that it is a reflection of Jesus and His church. Let’s lock arms together and seek both to glorify God and defeat the enemy through strengthened marriages.

Our class time will be a combination of teaching time and discussion, and utilizing video clips from Tim & Kathy Keller’s The Meaning of Marriage, as well as other thoughtful resources. All participants will need to have a copy of The Meaning of Marriage book for the class.

(Teaching: Russell Brown, Vito DeMaio, Dwight Singer) – Room 102 (near the auditorium)

The Old Testament is God’s starting point for unveiling his plan of salvation. This class builds a historical framework for understanding God’s unfolding plan of salvation in the Old Testament. The plan of salvation is also called redemptive history which climaxes in Christ (and the NT). We will focus on the narrative of the first 17 books of the Old Testament (i.e. as our English Bible orders the OT), examining the message, themes, and high points of each of these OT books. We will seek to learn the lessons of faith from God’s dealings with the people of OT times in the ancient Near Eastern cultural context and relate these lessons to our lives as NT believers in Christ.